• The Drop/Add Period is made up of two distinct periods: "Add" and "Drop"; they start at the same time, but have two different end times (see Drop/Add Deadlines).
  • After class schedules are released to students in Quest, the Drop/Add Period begins with personalized enrolment appointments (a dedicated window of time in Quest, staggered over one or two days) then continues for everyone (open enrolment) until the listed Drop/Add Deadlines for the applicable term.
  • The timing of when you participate in the Drop/Add Period matters - it is on a first-come, first-served basis (unlike the Course Selection Period). 

How your class schedule is created

You'll have a conflict-free class schedule generated and viewable if:

  • Either of the following is true:
    • You created a wish list of courses during the Course Selection Period and at least one course was successfully added.
    • Your academic advisor enrolled you in at least one course.
  • And you do not have a hold on your Quest account that prevents your access to course registration processes.

If the Drop/Add Period is about to start and you don't have a class schedule, the Drop/Add Period is when you need to create your own schedule.

Viewing your schedule

Important information

  • See Quest instructions for viewing appointment times.
  • The Quest page with your appointment time also indicates your term's course load/enrolment limit (number of units allowed).
  • Priority for the staggered enrolment appointments is given to upper-year students, who are closer to graduation, in order to ensure they can fulfil their degree requirements.
  • You can look for courses being offered in the Schedule of Classes or by searching directly in Quest.
  • Add and drop periods are adjusted for courses shorter than the 12-week formal lecture period (see block courses for more information).

What to do during the Drop/Add Period (appointment or open enrolment)

During your enrolment appointment or any time during the Drop/Add Period (select links to see Quest instructions):

  • Add Period: Classes can be added or swapped; subject to availability and eligibility. Components (e.g., TUT or LAB) of a course can also be swapped.
    • Tip: Have the Schedule of Classes open at the same time you are in Quest -- you'll be able to see the class reserves and times.
  • Drop Period: Classes can be dropped.

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