How do I view my class schedule?

You have two options to view your schedule: list view and weekly calendar view.

  1. Log in to Quest.
  2. Under Academics select Enroll. If prompted, select the term and then select Continue.Student Quest home page
  3. The default view is List View or select Weekly Calendar View.
    List View example: Display options include the following: show enrolled classes, show dropped classes, and show waitlisted classes.List view of class schedule in studnet Quest

    Weekly Calendar View example: Your first week of classes will show. Display options include the following: previous week, next week, show week of, start time, end time, and additional display options. Once you've selected/unselected options select the Refresh Calendar button. Calendar view of class schedule in studnet Quest
  4. Use the Printer Friendly Page link at the bottom of the page to print your schedule.

Note: If your schedule is blank, you may not have any classes scheduled. Visit the important dates page for information.