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Tony Wirjanto


Tony Wirjanto

Contact Information:
Tony Wirjanto

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Research interests

Professor Wirjanto's research interests lie in the intersection between statistics and econometrics. In particular he conducts research in the field of financial time series with a focus on volatility modeling/forecasting and financial risk management, and in the field of financial mathematics with a focus on portfolio optimization in a high-dimensional setting and on global climate change risks.


Professor Wirjanto is trained in econometrics/statistics at Queen’s University at Kingston. Prior to joining Department of Statistics & Actuarial Science and School of Accounting & Finance (in a joint appointment) in 2009, he was a professor of econometrics at the Department of Economics at UW.  He serves on the editorial boards for a number of academic journals such as Austin Statistics, Econometrics, Journal of Mathematical Finance, Journal of Risk and Financial Management and Mathematical Finance Letters.

Selected publications

  • Rice, G., T. S. Wirjanto, and Yuqian Zhao (2020). Tests for Conditional Heteroscedasticity of Functional Data. To appear in the Journal of Time Series Analysis.
  • Rice, G., T. S. Wirjanto, and Yuqian Zhao (2020). Forecasting Value-at-Risk via Intra-day Return Curves. International Journal of Forecasting. Available at:
  • Shen, Y. and T. S. Wirjanto (2019). Stationarity as a Path Property. Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Vol. 39(2), 403-432. Available at:
  • Men Z., A. W. Kolkiewicz, and T. S. Wirjanto (2019). Threshold Stochastic Conditional Duration Model for Financial Transaction Data. Journal of Risk and Financial Management. 12(2), 88.
  • Fang, M., K. S. Tan, K. S., and T. S. Wirjanto (2019). Sustainable Portfolios under Climate Change: A Framework for Managing Investment- related Climate Change Risks. Risks & Rewards, 73, March, 18-23.
  • Fang, M., K. S. Tan, and T. S. Wirjanto (2019). Sustainable Portfolio Management under Climate Change, Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment, Vol. 9(1).
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