September 2018

The Union by Project: Trashion

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Where it started

Leading up to Zero Waste Week, we will be featuring students, start-ups, and inspiring stories on our blog to get you thinking more about waste. Have you heard about Trashion yet?

Yoshi Matsuzaki is a 2A student in Environment and Business in the Faculty of Environment. Believing sustainability is key in every industry and relating this to his passion for Photography, he founded Project: Trashion.

5 R’s of Waste Reduction: Reuse

Bike Repair

5 R's of waste reduction continued

This week’s theme is the third of the 5 R’s of Waste Reduction: Reuse

Nearly everything we buy on a daily basis ends up in the garbage. Finishing its life in the landfill contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution to our waterways and natural spaces on land. By cutting our consumption, we are able to reduce our environmental impact on natural systems and contribute to a healthier, more resilient planet for all species.

5 R’s of Waste Reduction: Reject

2 overflowing dumpsters on campus

The 5 R's continued

In preparation for Zero Waste Week (Oct 15-19), the second ‘R’ of waste reduction and the theme of the week is ‘Reject’.

5 R’s of Waste Reduction: Reduce

Theme of the Week: Reduce

Introducing the 5 R's of waste reduction

To start our countdown to Waste Week on campus this fall (starting October 15th), we are introducing the 5 R’s of waste reduction. This week’s topic is ‘Reduce’.

  1. 2020 (5)
    1. August (2)
    2. June (3)
  2. 2019 (1)
    1. April (1)
  3. 2018 (10)
  4. 2017 (8)
    1. June (1)
    2. May (2)
    3. April (1)
    4. March (1)
    5. February (2)
    6. January (1)
  5. 2016 (2)
    1. February (1)
    2. January (1)
  6. 2015 (3)
    1. November (1)
    2. June (1)
    3. April (1)