May 2021

Feature: Reducing waste with A Friendlier Company

Kayli and Jacqui with their containers

Prior to COVID-19, zero-waste take-out was already challenging. The pandemic made it even harder, with restrictions on the use of personal mugs, take-out boxes and more for sanitation reasons. However, one company is beating the odds and helping local restaurants transform their practices towards circular systems. Today, we are sharing the story of A Friendlier Company, whose vision is to create a centralized, circular system across Canada.

WAT's Sustainable Episode 05: WAT is plant-based eating with Nicole Pin

WAT's Sustainable Logo Episode 05

WAT's Sustainable, Waterloo? Welcome to the official Sustainability's Office's official podcast: WAT's Sustainable?

On episode 05, we invited our first guest onto the podcast to explore WAT is plant-based eating. Join Jenna, Andrea Bale and the University's Registered Dietitian, Nicole Pin, for an inspiring discussion on the benefits of eating more plant-based, how to navigate barriers to eating more plant-based and more.

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What I eat in a day: plant-based edition

What I Eat in a Day: Plant-based Edition

In an age where several food options are available with a click of an UberEats delivery button, choosing what to eat can be quite unmotivating, costly, and, at times, difficult. For this reason, I aim to help you reinvent each meal in a manner that is amusing, creative, and healthy by providing you with a “What I Eat in a Day: Plant-based Edition.” I listed potential plant-based meals for you and your family to cook at home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, I provided an assortment of snacks that are quick, affordable, customizable depending on your preference and style, and most importantly, plant-based!

Sustainability Theme of the Month: May is for Sustainable Food

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts rather than reading blog posts? Check out Episode 01 of the WAT's Sustainable? Podcast, where we explore food systems sustainability!

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