The Union by Project: Trashion

Where it started

Leading up to Zero Waste Week, we will be featuring students, start-ups, and inspiring stories on our blog to get you thinking more about waste. Have you heard about Trashion yet?

Yoshi Matsuzaki is a 2A student in Environment and Business in the Faculty of Environment. Believing sustainability is key in every industry and relating this to his passion for Photography, he founded Project: Trashion.

"I never thought I would get into fashion but I was passionate about photography and environment and making things aesthetically pleasing."

Creating a culture of sustainability

After trying to get involved on campus with photography, Yoshi was directed to Michelle Sin who showed him her work with trashion (trash fashion). His idea of displaying these captivating waste garments raises awareness about waste and sustainable fashion in the fashion industry.

Project: Trashion aims to target the majority of the community that wants to start having a sustainable lifestyle but doesn't know how to, through providing an inviting community that bridges the gap.

“We are a creative service, a marketer and an event planner, amplifying the message being done in our community through collaboration.”

The Union

This Sunday (September 30th), Project: Trashion is holding their inaugural eco-fashion exhibition, ‘The Union’. The exhibition has a free Eco-Fairtrade Market and a ticketed Eco-Fashion Show that aims to create a culture of sustainability in our society through the arts, media, education, and activism. Going further than simply putting on a one time show to inspire people, the Eco-Fairtrade Market features creative and sustainable alternatives to lifestyle choices. Their mission is to show people that everything has an element that can relate to sustainability.

The Union Model Promotional Image

Featured Partners at the show include Sweet Dreams Tea Shop, The Green Door, Zero Waste Bulk, Thrift on Kent and much more!

Event details

Date: Sunday, September 30, 2018

Eco-Fairtrade Market time: 11 am - 6 pm

Eco-Fashion Showtimes: 1 pm and 3:30 pm

Location: Old Boehmer Box Factory, 283 Duke Street West, Kitchener,

Closest Bus Stop: King/Victoria (Bus 7)

Door Entrance: 75 Breithaupt Street

Tickets are still on sale at:

As well as the unmissable Project: Trashion show this Sunday, the Feds club will be hosting installations in the coming terms. If you are interested to hear more, Yoshi is part of our Sustainability Network on campus and wants to share the message that collaboration is important. “Even if you don’t think you’re sustainable, that doesn't mean you can’t make sustainable choices too.”

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