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  • By 2020, Waterloo is recognized as a sustainability leader in Waterloo Region

  • By 2020, Waterloo broadly distributes timely and audience-relevant information about sustainability initiatives and opportunities within the campus communit

Supporting SDGs


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About the guide

GuidesThe Sustainability Office developed the Sustainability Guide to help you live a sustainable lifestyle, whether you are new to sustainable living or looking for ways to improve your current sustainable behaviours.

This digital guide is divided into two main sections: exploring sustainability and general resources. The first section will explore various topics, resources and actions to incorporate in your life. The second section will provide general resources on sustainability if you’re interested in exploring further, including blog posts, books, documentaries and more, as well as resources to connect with local groups, businesses, and organizations that are helping to make Waterloo Region more sustainable.

Exploring Sustainability

PlantingThis section will provide an introduction to a range of specific sustainability topics, introductory resources to learn more and practical ways to incorporate simple, sustainable behaviours into your life. We have included resources to suit various learning and accessibility needs, so whether you prefer listening, watching or reading, we hope you’ll find resources that work for you. While the list of resources included is not exhaustive, it provides many great starting points for you to explore!

General sustainability resources

BooksIf you’re interested in exploring any of these topics further, we’ve curated a list of blogs, books, podcasts, and more to help you get started. We’ll continue to add to this list over time.

Do you have a resource to recommend that you don’t see on this list? Email it to us at and we can include it!

Did we miss anything?

BagsSend us an email to and let us know what topics, resources or businesses we missed that you would like to see included in this guide!

If you want to download a summary version of this guide, check out our previous Sustainability Guide, available as a PDF for download. 

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