Waterloo launches fully vegan/vegetarian food outlet

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Vegetarian salad bowl at FRSH

The University of Waterloo's Food Services team is excited to launch the campus' first restaurant dedicated solely to vegan and vegetarian food choices.

Located in the BMH expansion, Waterloo's latest restaurant addition, FRSH, focuses all menu items on flatbreads, salad bowls, and hot bowls that feature plant-based proteins. Demand for vegan and vegetarian options has been growing on campus, and the Food Services team felt it was time to dedicate an outlet to expand choices.

Vegan and vegetarian diets typically have a significantly lower environmental impact than meat-based equivalents, as the land, carbon, and water intensity of raising livestock per unit of protein is far more than most plant-based alternatives.

Hungry now? Give it a try! Check out the FRSH locations and hours, and read the Record article with UW Chef Gord Cooledge on the FRSH launch.