Alternative organic waste management techniques for Village II

TitleAlternative organic waste management techniques for Village II
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1993
AuthorsGould, C.
Keywordscomposting, food waste, residences, waste

Village Two, a student residence at the University of Waterloo, is developing its own waste reduction work plan. A significant portion of this work plan will outline how organic waste could be managed in a more cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner. This report introduces and evaluates the alternative organic waste management techniques which are available to Village Two. The fundamentals of each alternative are briefly described. The advantages and limitations of each alternative are then identified by subjecting each organic waste management technique to a set of eighteen criteria. The conclusions which were made reveal that the best approach to dealing with such large volumes of organic waste is not the implementation of any one particular waste management technique but rather a combination of several. It was concluded, that because the 3R Hierarchy should be implicit in Village Two’s waste reduction work plan, the food bank and food supplement for livestock feed re-use techniques as well as a combination of In-vessel and windrow composting techniques would be the most appropriate alternative to implement. It is recommended that the above organic waste management techniques have further research and development conducted on their feasibility at Village Two. It is also recommended that a pilot project would be more beneficial, from the outset, to successfully implement these alternatives… For full text, please e-mail