Artificial lighting: Opportunities for improvement in ES 2

TitleArtificial lighting: Opportunities for improvement in ES 2
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAhrens, C., M. Mullin, A. Vander Loo, and L. Watchorn
KeywordsES2 building, lighting conditions, University of Waterloo campus

Opportunities exist for lighting design improvements on the University of Waterloo campus, as they exist in every building. With the building retrofit of ES2, the University is presented with the unique opportunity of improving the lighting conditions while incurring less cost than if it was to be done in spaces not under renovations. “Artificial lighting is one of the major electricity consuming items in many office buildings” (Li et al. 2001), hence it is important to examine the lighting situation in ES2 and make improvements. Lighting also significantly impacts not only the user’s visual system, but impacts the health and productivity of those in the space (Leslie 2002). The overall objective of Group Thunder is to increase user satisfaction with the space while minimizing energy costs incurred through an artificial lighting system. The learning objectives for the group included an understanding of lighting systems and their applicability to office and classrooms settings. Indirect lighting was chosen to focus on because of the benefits realized. Indirect lighting eliminates glare and shadows, reduces electricity use and cooling loads, and through the even distribution of light reduces the required light levels… For full text, please e-mail