Attitudes surrounding pesticides in the City of Waterloo

TitleAttitudes surrounding pesticides in the City of Waterloo
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsCervoni, L., L. Hansen, L. Frith, M. McGibbon, and S. Otten
KeywordsCity of Waterloo, motivations for pesticides, pesticide use, sustainable alternatives

Pesticide use is a very controversial issue; views range from some people believing they do no harm to others thinking the risks far outweigh any benefits that pesticides can have. This project explores the issue of residential use and its alternatives in the City of Waterloo. Specifically, the project focuses on determining the attitudes of Waterloo residents towards residential pesticide use, and how these attitudes affect their lawn care practices. The goals of this study were to determine what resident’s motivations for pesticide use are, whether these motivations can be satisfied by sustainable alternatives, and how to effectively encourage the use of alternatives… For full text, please e-mail