Auditing the Deans' Offices (Mgmt. Sci.)

TitleAuditing the Deans' Offices (Mgmt. Sci.)
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1997
Keywordsrecycling, University of Waterloo, waste, waste management, waste reduction

The University of Waterloo is recognized as one of the top universities in Canada. The University population consists of intelligent and conscientious students and staff. Unfortunately, in a great learning environment such as this, reports, assignments, and research papers produce a great deal of waste in addition to typical garbage accumulation. The Government of Ontario has set targets to “reduce the amount of institutionalized waste by… 50% by the year 2000”. In response to this statement, UW administration continues to keep watch on the amount of waste production on the school campus. This report contains information about the current status of environmental concern by students and faculties, and recommendations to reduce the amount of waste produced. The purpose of this study is to inspect the current waste management of the university. The goal is to find methods that will reduce the amount of waste produced by the university, or at least inform people of the university’s current waste management situation… For full text, please e-mail