Backyard composter utilization study follow-up

TitleBackyard composter utilization study follow-up
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsGrealey, J., and P. Miles
Keywordsbackyard composting, compost, composter, food waste, Region of Waterloo, waste, waste diversion

This study was designed to determine if the Region of Waterloo’s composter distribution program is an effective tool for acquiring public participation in backyard composting. It was also designed to evaluate what wastes people in the Waterloo Region are diverting to their backyard composter and how much waste this in turn diverts from the landfill. This study was prepared for the purpose of working toward the sustainability goals of WATgreen to achieve a healthy and environmentally friendly community… It has been estimated by the Region that every household with a yard could divert an average of 352 kg a year to their backyard composter. Additional conclusions and recommendation are provided… For full text, please e-mail