Bike security at the University of Waterloo

TitleBike security at the University of Waterloo
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsDesaulnier, N., J. Hogle, P. Jaswal, E. Jensen, and J. Watson
Keywordsbicycle, bike racks, bike security, transportation, University of Waterloo

Bicycle use has often been described, by students and staff of the University of Waterloo, as the most efficient and environmentally responsible method of transportation. The percentage of students and staff using bicycles on the University campus has increased to over 35% of the University of Waterloo population. With this increase in ridership, it is questionable if the campus at the present time is meeting the needs of these students and faculty. Overall, car parking provisions have increased but no improvements have been made in the parking and storage provisions for bikes. This project is being carried out upon the request of Patti Cook, the University of Waterloo Waste Management Coordinator. Its main purpose is to determine the nature of bike security on the University of Waterloo campus as it relates to the implementation of 10 new Gauntlet, Class Two bike racks. It was hoped that the implementation of the new bicycle racks, would be a step towards an improved environment for bicycle use. Previous bicycle studies prepared for the University of Waterloo were reviewed to avoid repetition… For full text, please e-mail