Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsMckay, D., K. Papple, L. Simard, S. Gibbon, A. Walkley, and B. Beasley
Keywordsaudit, biking, commute, transportation

This project was developed with three main objectives. The first was to assess the attitudes and behavior of University of Waterloo Commuters regarding the sustainable practice of bike use. The second objective was to assess the bike routes leading to the university. The third objective of our study was to develop a future image of the University of Waterloo’s bike transportation system. By assessing the attitudes towards biking of University of Waterloo commuters through a survey, we hope to determine what could be done to encourage more people to bike. By conducting an audit of the physical attributes of bicycle trails serving the University, we hope to achieve an understanding of what, if any, type of action should be taken to facilitate people’s use of these trails… For full text, please e-mail