Biodegradable alternatives for Styrofoam and plastics

TitleBiodegradable alternatives for Styrofoam and plastics
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBradford, C., M. Cain, M. Drumm, and S. Hay
Keywordsbiodegradable alternatives, plastic dishware, St. Jerome's Cafeteria, Styrofoam dishware, University of Waterloo

A feasibility study was undertaken to analyze the use of current disposable Styrofoam and plastic dishware used by the St. Jerome’s cafeteria. This study was done in an effort to determine whether the current take-out dishware was comparable to biodegradable alternatives. To better understand the diversity of this issue, comprehensive qualitative and quantitative studies were examined. The objective was to propose an achievable plan to minimize the environmental impact of the campus and of the city. Although biodegradable alternatives are still in the infancy, the environmental implications of these products are very promising. Because the results showed that these products are not presently ideal for use in the St. Jerome’s cafeteria, it is recommended that future studies be done in different locations… For full text, please e-mail