Campus attitudes

TitleCampus attitudes
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsBrown, T., and R. Marshall
Keywordsstudent engagement

ERS 285 seeks to use the campus as a laboratory to study environmental sustainability. From the results of the various studies being conducted on campus, it is hoped to determine the efficiency of present systems and examine more successful (greener) options. An important aspect which must be studied is that of people’s attitudes. How are members of the university community responding to environmental issues? Are they taking action by recycling and composting? Or are they even aware of environmental degradation? The purpose of this project is to answer these, and other questions with respect to attitudes towards environmental sustainability. Three hundred and fifty-nine surveys were administered over the course of a two week period. Over the course of this document, the results of this survey study will be analyzed, and conclusions drawn as to attitudes of students on campus to the topics of interest. From the analysis and conclusions drawn, recommendations as to possible changes to improve the present system were made. The study also provided information on which aspects of the system were working adequately… For full text, please e-mail