Campus attitudes (Mgmt. Sci.)

TitleCampus attitudes (Mgmt. Sci.)
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1997
Keywordscomposting, pesticides, recycling, student attitude, student engagement

The purpose of this report was to determine students’ attitudes towards and involvement with three main environmental issues: recycling, composting and pesticides. Students considered in the study were from the Arts, AHS, Engineering, Math and Science faculties. The study also focused on what still needs to be accomplished. Are students aware of existing environmental issues, like recycling and composting? Do students’ attitudes reflect a general concern for these issues, or a lack thereof? Are students willing and interested in improving the existing facilities and programs? These questions and others created the basis for this report. Surveys were the medium used to determine attitudes representative of the five chosen faculties towards selected environmental issues. Background information has been provided in a previous survey a description of the survey design and methodology follows. Results and analysis in the next section, which outlines the findings obtained and analyses these results. Next, a discussion of the implications of the results follows, including a comparison of current results with past results. Finally, possible directions for future studies are laid out, and conclusions are drawn to summarize the findings of the report… For full text, please e-mail