Campus environmental audit update

TitleCampus environmental audit update
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsKing, E., A. Facin, K. LeBer, R. Koehler, and A. Cornack
Keywordsenvironmental sustainability, Greening the Campus, University of Waterloo, waste, waste audit

In 1995, a 285 Greening the Campus group performed a campus wide audit, to assess its environmental sustainability. It was based on a guide formulated in 1993, called Camps Ecology. This present 1999, 285 project is a follow up to this previous audit. The same questions as well as a few more devised by this 285 group were asked under various subjects, including general campus information, business ties, environmental education and literacy, food services, transportation, procurement policies, job placement, air quality, energy, water, waste water runoff, indoor pest control, solid waste, radioactive waste and recycling. Information was collected from various sources, such as the internet and personal interviews. The information was gathered and compared to 1995. It was found that in several key areas, there has been significant changes in the system since 1995. There was a significant improvement in the area of environmental education and literacy. Improvements had also been made in regard to radioactive waste. There is a significant drop in the use of radioactive substances. Areas such as solid waste have made significant improvements since the 80’s, and continue to do so, however there is a lot of room to improve the efficiency of recycling systems and the reduction of garbage. Recommendations were made for each area of research. These included refining of education programs for the public and students, as well as the purchasing of more energy efficient equipment. The final recommendation is for this audit to be performed every five years, to track the areas of improvement, and to spark new ideas to improve the current system… For full text, please e-mail