Campus Transit 2000: Analyzing student attitudes

TitleCampus Transit 2000: Analyzing student attitudes
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsStewart, N., A. Gilmore, and B. Vogel
Keywordsair quality, bus, pollution, student attitude, student transit

With a growing awareness of the many social and environmental impacts associated with poor air quality, specifically in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, it is important to investigate the sources of pollution and potential solutions in the alleviation of this social and environmental problem. Our research group identified the problem of student transit to be one of the key issues associated with declining air quality in the region of Kitchener-Waterloo… Our research group’s main objective was to gain an understanding of the thoughts and feelings of the University of Waterloo with regards to their view of public transit and the implementation of a Universal Bus Pass or Watcard Swipe System. We looked at several different levels of student feelings. In a breakdown, we wished to gain understanding of the level of public transit use by the students of the University of Waterloo. We were also curious why UW students do or do not use public transit. Our group also wished to understand UW student’s feelings with regards to public transit, what they felt were GRT’s strong points and also how it could improve its overall service… For full text, please e-mail