Choosing the right system: Universal bus pass at the University of Waterloo

TitleChoosing the right system: Universal bus pass at the University of Waterloo
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsAnderson, H., L. Bamsey, J. Blackburn, and S. Goom
KeywordsFederation of Students, Grand River Transit, University of Waterloo

In August of 1995, Grand River Transit approached the University of Waterloo’s Federation of Students about the possibility of including a mandatory bus pass in the enrolment package for all full-time undergraduate students. Although negotiations have been – until recently – ongoing, progress towards implementations has been limited. We are a group of four Environment and Resource Studies students researching the issue of the UPASS as part of the ERS 250, Greening the Campus and Community course. We have identified two core actors: Grand River Transit and the Federation of Students. Beyond the core actors, we will also focus on the involvement of the following stakeholders: University of Waterloo students, the University of Waterloo Sustainability Project (formerly known as the Environment Commission), and the Region of Waterloo. Through interviews, archival research, a focus group and personal observations, we aim to understand the reasons limiting the UPASS and offer informed recommendations. In addition we have explored alternative transit demand strategies, due to the lack of support for the UPASS. Our research project will contribute to the WATgreen initiative by building on the current knowledge base of the UPASS issue: we intend to offer adequate information to decision makers in anticipation of furthering its implementation… For full text, please e-mail