City of Kitchener waste audit

TitleCity of Kitchener waste audit
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsConeybeare, M., J. Hankin, E. Liberda, and R. Shaw
KeywordsCity of Waterloo, Community Services, waste, waste disposal

For our project, our research team intended to assess the waste disposal procedures of the Community Services department of the City of Kitchener. In addition, we had hoped to perform a waste audit on the refuse stored at the Community Services transfer station. Unfortunately, we did not receive approval from The City of Kitchener to conduct a waste audit or to administer our questionnaire to the Community Service workers. However, we were able to ascertain the steps that a future “Greening the Campus and Community” group would have to follow in order to be allowed to execute an audit, if such a group were so inclined. Because we were unable to follow through with our original intentions, our research team decided instead to assess the procedures of Community Services departments in the cities of Cambridge, Guelph, Brampton and Waterloo. The following paper outlines the purpose, framework, boundaries and methods we followed in carrying out our research, as well as some suggestions which a future group might consider following in order to complete the original research that we initiated. We have included an appendix, which contains an audit worksheet, questionnaire, and other forms related to our study… For full text, please e-mail