The Columbia Lake biome and the Westmount Road extension

TitleThe Columbia Lake biome and the Westmount Road extension
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsDavies, S., A-. Lisa Facin, H. Frederick, C. Smith, J. MacGowan, and O. Martin
KeywordsCity of Waterloo, environmental conservation, sustainability, sustainable development, urban development

The purpose of our report is to compare and contrast the ideas of sustainability and sustainable development in respect to a case study that involves real life conflicts between urban development and environmental conservation. The case study we chose to fulfill this requirement is the “Westmount Road Extension Project” occurring in the City of Waterloo. This particular issue was chosen for two main reasons: the regional proposal for the road was initiated due to the pressures of urban expansion on the existing road system; and because the proposed Westmount Road extension will pass directly through the Columbia Lake biome… When asking if the Westmount Road extension project is sustainable; is the answer universal, or is the answer dictated by the process and boundaries developed to assess the sustainability of the system?... For full text, please e-mail