Composting at Minota Hagey Residence

TitleComposting at Minota Hagey Residence
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBalachandran, N., and S. Baptista
Keywordscomposter, composting program, Minota Hagey, waste, waste diversion

We, Niranjan and Susana, have conducted a research project in the feasibility and implementation of a composting program at Mitona Hagey. The program was initiated on April 4th, 2003. The study focused on creating a sustainable composting project that solved the problems that were encountered in the previous composting initiative at Minota Hagey. The objective was to reduce the amount of garbage that is produced at Minota Hagey residence by diverting organic matter to the composter. The intention of this study was to design a composting system that would be simple for students to use, thus ensuring the sustainability of this project. We were able to overcome any possible constrains by incorporating stakeholder input into our project design. To ensure the continuation and longevity of the program, we will continue to monitor its progress until April 1st, 2004… For full text, please e-mail