Composting as recycling at St. Paul's College

TitleComposting as recycling at St. Paul's College
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2003
AuthorsBlack, V., L. Garrah, A. LeMaistre, V. Maines, and T. Urmi
Keywordscomposting program, improve sustainability, St. Paul's College, waste, waste generation

Our research has been designed with the intentions of determining the feasibility of implementing a composting program at St. Paul’s College. In the context of our study, feasibility reflects the three pillars of sustainability: economic, societal and environmental implications of organic waste generation and disposal. St. Jerome’s University has recently implemented a successful composting program through a contract with a company called Planet Earth Recycling… The ultimate goal of the project is to improve sustainability by introducing a compost system at St. Paul’s College. St. Paul’s would be acting as a positive influence for initiating compost programs at other food service locations both on campus and in the community. It may also promote awareness of the amount of wasted food generated by a buffet style meal plan. The importance of this project can be seen through the increasing support of composting programs, in many forms, across Ontario. It is also important, because, even in the early stages of our study, we noticed support from our key informants at St. Paul’s College… For full text, please e-mail