The elimination of disposable cups at the University of Waterloo

TitleThe elimination of disposable cups at the University of Waterloo
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsTorreiter, M. Anton
Keywordsbehavioural theory, disposable cups, waste, waste reduction

The purpose of this project is to assess the feasibility of eliminating disposable cups form the University of Waterloo campus. This initiative is a symbolic measure to address the implications of the ‘throw-away’ mentality, and is an effort to reduce waste at the source as part of a rigorous waste reduction program on campus. The use of disposable cups negatively impacts the environment in the processing, transportation, and disposal stages. Research supports the reduction or elimination of disposable cup use as the only way to lessen this impact on campus. By applying behavioural theory to an environmental context, the project’s aim is to bring about changes in attitude through targeting behaviors. The elimination of disposable cups requires baseline information about disposable cup use on campus. In order to collect this data, a social survey was conducted in the Fall of 1992. This survey assessed respondents’ receptiveness to the elimination of disposable cups and how this relates to behaviours and attitudes regarding disposable cup use. The survey findings are presented and discussed… For full text, please e-mail