Energy conservation assessment of the Math & Computer Building

TitleEnergy conservation assessment of the Math & Computer Building
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsQuealey, P., M. Chambers, A. Veerman, and P. Ellis
Keywordsenergy conservation, energy waste, MC building, University of Waterloo, waste

This project adopted by our team of students, deals with energy conservation in the Math and Computers Building (hereafter “MC Building” or “MC”). The project deals with finding a solution to the energy wasted by individuals leaving lights on in rooms when they are not in use. This project originated from the University’s Plant Operations Department. Since Plant Operations deals with a variety of issues and cannot possibly attend to every concern on campus at once, they requested that a team of Environmental Studies students take on the project as part of one of their courses, in this case ERS 285. The project consisted of monitoring the entire MC building for a one-month period and turning off lights in empty classrooms that had been left on. The hope was that by conducting such a study, we could reduce the power intake of the MC building and suggest solutions on how to continue saving energy. This report will highlight the findings of our study on the MC building’s energy wastage and propose solutions to maximize energy conservation and financial savings… For full text, please e-mail