Environmental clubs at elementary schools

TitleEnvironmental clubs at elementary schools
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsFlynn, T., S. Berry, C. Saker, S. Kavanaugh, and J. Currie
Keywordsecosystem education, environmental awareness, state of environment, youth

Our increasing knowledge about the earth’s complex system has led to more questions than answers about the deteriorating state of the environment, the culpability of humans in this deterioration, and the future implications not only for the health of ecosystems, but for out very survival. The more we learn, the more we realize we need to understand. But there is a delay between attaining this understanding and living it, especially for a culture for whom consumption has become such an ingrained habit. Hope for real change in ideologies, priorities, and practices lies in teaching a new generation of people to redefine what it is to be human, and with, the environment. The earlier this education can begin in a child’s life, the better the chances become that such changes will be realized. Elementary school, then, certainly provides a conducive and relevant environment for increasing environmental awareness among youth. The elementary school club in particular provides exciting opportunities for children to explore their connection with the environment in a peer-orientated setting, giving them a sense of ownership and stewardship… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca