Evaluating walkway and bicycle safety around campus

TitleEvaluating walkway and bicycle safety around campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBalachandran, N., and S. Baptista
Keywordsbicycle and walkway paths, path quality, student involvement

Niranjan and Susana are conducting a research project on the safety and usefulness of bicycle and walkway paths. This project focuses on the following four areas: i) Woodchip path between Minota Hagey and University Avenue, ii) Westmount Road between University Avenue and Columbia Road, iii) Conrad Grebel path between the Residence and Academic buildings, and iv) Walkway path along Seagram Drive and through Parking “Lot A”. Moreover, we also want to improve the quality of the paths and generate feasible solutions to any potential shortcomings. The intention of the study is to generate input from the student body upon how they view the safety and function of bike and walkway paths. This input will be generated from a survey of 300 people. This data will be triangulated with observations and a literature review. Resources that were used to supplement our knowledge are, books on various topics including pedestrian and bicycle safety, and urban planning. The recommendations made take into account the issues of safety, accessibility, and sustainability but at the same time evaluating time versus cost in accordance to these proposed changes. We have deemed ourselves capable of carrying out this research project because we have integrated the research methods that we have learned in ERS 250: Greening the Campus into our methodology… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca