An examination of the Purchasing Department

TitleAn examination of the Purchasing Department
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsDoucette, A., K. Guenther, M. Johnson, C. Julke, M. Mitchell, and A. Williamson
KeywordsGreening the Campus, Purchasing Department, University of Waterloo

The “Greening the Campus” study will focus on the current purchasing policies and regulations with the University of Waterloo with special regards to environmental considerations. The existing purchasing policy is designed to actively promote cost considerations as the main determining factor in regards to making purchases on campus. The University of Waterloo Purchasing Department policies have the ability to affect the lifecycles, types, and amounts of many products used throughout the university. A sound purchasing policy can affect waste reduction, cost effectiveness, decreases in the amount of surplus goods obtained and increased environmental quality and awareness. We believe that measures such as increased environmental regulations, staff education and an efficient inventory control system will have a positive effect on “Greening the Campus” with specific improvements in such areas as overall waste reduction, increasing the amount of recycled products purchased and a general increase in environmental considerations throughout faculties and within the Purchasing Department… For full text, please e-mail