Excess waste management strategies

TitleExcess waste management strategies
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsMacGregor, D., M. Pasoud, K. LeBer, M. Ridley, C. Bowden, C. Wickett, and I. Schroeder
Keywordsconstruction sustainability, construction waste, deconstruction, waste, waste management

Our group was looking at “Excess Waste Management Strategies” in regards to the construction of  new homes and the demolition of old ones. The underlying premise we are functioning on is that construction and demolition practices in North America are based on ideologies that are founded upon free market practices of neglecting both long and short term environmental and social effects, and the long term economic, in favour of the short term economic benefits. It was our original thesis, the perceived problem, that his leads to an excessive and unstainable use of resources, and a greater amount of waste that is unnecessarily disposed of through landfills. We felt that this, thus, was not a sustainable system. The definition of sustainability that we used was a system of practices that is designed in the light of preserving current resource levels into the future, while taking into consideration any factors that might affect this… “Excess Waste Management Strategies” will propose methods of improving existing alternatives which it believes will increase the sustainability of the construction and deconstruction sector without compromising the environmental, societal, or economic gains… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca