An extensive green roof for the ES2 Building

TitleAn extensive green roof for the ES2 Building
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsBoodram, K., S. Hamilton, J. Kheidr, A. McKinnon, and K. Walker
KeywordsES2 building, green building, green roof, intensive and extensive green roofs

A building can be surrounded by green landscaped areas, have internally integrated environmental elements, consume low amounts of energy and be self-sufficient in many aspects. Creating a green building is one of the mechanisms that Canada is using to implement sustainable development. One significant aspect of a green building is the concept of a green roof… Considering the existing ES2 building, both intensive and extensive green roofs were analyzed in order to determine which would be more suitable for the existing building. Taking into consideration the size of the ES2 roof 23,150 square feet, the existing public access and the characteristics of the roof, safety became a large factor in determining that an extensive roof would be more suitable and more feasible for the building. With such a large area implementing a publicly accessible intensive green roof would not be feasible due to the amount of required safety measures... For full text, please e-mail