A feasibility analysis of a living machine for ES 2

TitleA feasibility analysis of a living machine for ES 2
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsMelnik, A., N. Bettencourt, I. Sherr, and C. Komesch
KeywordsES2 building, greening, sustainable campus, University of Waterloo, wastewater system

Incentives for universities to become “green” are increasing across the country as ecologically sound development becomes the norm for conscientious institutions. Those who wish to stay competitive in light of these shifting standards are looking to new technologies to enhance their “green” appeal. The University of Waterloo was the first Canadian university to have a Faculty of Environmental Studies, but it has failed to set any manner of precedents with regards to environmental development, or even to follow any such precedents. This paper will discuss the feasibility of constructing a Living Machine in the Environmental Studies 2 building (ES2). Our vision of ES2 involves making the building more sustainable and ecologically sound. This objective encompasses the building’s wastewater system; the need for an aesthetically-pleasing work and learning environment; and the importance of educational endeavours that set examples not only for the students, but the community and other universities and institutions… For full text, please e-mail sustainability@uwaterloo.ca