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The feasibility of implementing a solar energy system on Environmental Studies Two

TitleThe feasibility of implementing a solar energy system on Environmental Studies Two
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsButtery, P., S. DeAngelis, W. Carwardine, S. Sheridan, and K. Siren
KeywordsES2 building, photovoltaic panels, solar panels, University of Waterloo

In the most general sense, our solar energy system case study focuses on the implementation and feasibility of a clean, alternative source of electrical power. Specifically we have examined the installation, utilization, positioning and maintenance of solar panels on the Environment Studies 2 (ES2) building. Another focal point of the report has included examples of other universities; their obstacles and achievements with solar energy as well as their comparison to the University of Waterloo. There has also been an assessment of local companies as possible suppliers of solar panels and as a component of the life cycle analysis. With these topics in mind an evaluation of international solar energy leaders has been included to demonstrate a growing trend for solar energy. The University of Waterloo should have a campus that reflects its research objectives and advancements in environmental studies. There is an excellent opportunity available for the university to showcase environmental design throughout the ES2 - 5 - building. Our objective is to argue that the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) panels is a key building element in any environmental design process… For full text, please e-mail