Feasibility study of a campus cyclical water system

TitleFeasibility study of a campus cyclical water system
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsFarkas, L., C. Hartley, M. McTavish, J. Theberge, and T. Waterfall

For too long, people in industrialized nations have only acknowledged their economic connection to the rest of the world, refusing to recognize their ecological ties. The truth is that the world’s environmental problems have local sources. The Greening of the Campus project is a forum that addressed and begins to solve the environmental crisis that affects the whole world. Each group in the Environmental and Resource Studies 290 course is addressing a different aspect of the University of Waterloo’s connection to the greater system of the world. From there, each group begins to study the system’s behavior and how it has negative results on the environment and begins to innovate ways of changing the negative results to positive ones. From the Greening of the Labs, to the Natural Landscaping Group, to the Greening of the Washrooms, these projects all affect the university in different ways and all often have interconnecting results on each other and on the global environment. In the words of Doug Wright, the project “will allow this university to transform itself into a showcase campus of environmental responsibility (Hagey, October 5, 1990, p.3). The Greening of the washrooms group envisions a campus that conserves resources, such as water, and that handles its waste products in a manner that minimizes negative impact on our global ecosystem… For full text, please email sustainability@uwaterloo.ca