Feasibility Study: Greening the University of Waterloo Undergraduate Calendar

TitleFeasibility Study: Greening the University of Waterloo Undergraduate Calendar
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsThomas, G., B. Imre, K. Maclean, and A. Anolin

The group undertook the project of greening the undergraduate calendars at the University of Waterloo in the 1990 fall term. A problem of excessive waste and resource use was recognized and altering the calendar’s information medium was perceived as the study area. Thus, alternative information mediums were seen to be possible solutions to the problem of excessive waste and resource use. This study focuses on the feasibility of these alternatives. With the group’s goals and objectives established, criteria were designed and alternative solutions were generated within the limitations they set. Alternatives were then evaluated in five separate categories and compared to the present calendar, which was used as a point of reference. After evaluation, the group recognized, that in selecting only one alternative solution, trade-offs must be made. To avoid making these trade-offs, a combination of alternatives were proposed. This hybrid solution incorporates a computerized calendar information system and a calendar in book form made from recycled and recyclable materials. To help further reduce waste and resource use, a calendar on disk alternative was integrated into the system to complete the hybrid solution. As well, two optional alternatives were proposed; a two year book form calendar and a calendar fee assessment. These optional alternatives, if implemented, would also help the group achieve this goal of maintaining and conveying the present calendar’s information while reducing waste and resource use... For full text, please email sustainability@uwaterloo.ca