Final report: Lighting analysis of engineering 2 rooms 1303A and 1303B

TitleFinal report: Lighting analysis of engineering 2 rooms 1303A and 1303B
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsBurke, C., khin. Kyone, and S. Lee

Lighting plays an extremely important role on the University of Waterloo’s campus. Many factors must be taken into account when performing an analysis of a lighting system such as environmental, economic, and ergonomic factors. The potential economic savings provide an incentive for initiating a review of the current system besides the obvious environmental benefit which could be derived from energy consumption. In general, improved lighting efficiency would greatly benefit the university in many ways. Classrooms are used for many purposes outside of regular lecture hours; individual studying, group work, and group meetings. Electricity is wasted when the lights are on and no one is using the room, when there is insufficient distribution of control of light sources, and when students study by themselves in large rooms with all the lights on, using much more light than is needed for the task. The main systems design classrooms used for lectures are 1303A (presently the 3B room) and 1303B (presently the 2A room). For this reason, the workshop was limited to the study of these two rooms. Alternative lighting types and configurations were suggested and analyzed in terms of economics, ergonomics, and feasibility… For full text, please e-mail