Final report on the local and organic approach to food on the University of Waterloo campus

TitleFinal report on the local and organic approach to food on the University of Waterloo campus
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsBotelho, J., P. Cunningham, R. Duimering, S. J. Jackson, and P. Landry
Keywordsfood waste

The following report is a study undertaken by the Waterloo Food Group, to determine the problems of the present food system on the University of Waterloo’s campus, a preliminary examination into the feasibility of implementing changes to that system, and a detailed review of an implemented alternative – the introduction of locally-grown, organically-produced food products into a University food outlet. On October 1st, 1990 Douglas Wright, President of the University of Waterloo, announced the WATGREEN initiative, a positive step in the creation of an environmentally sensitive campus. Using the campus as a model to study environmental problems, students have been encouraged to develop possible solutions that could be feasibly implemented on campus. This process is an opportunity for the different faculties to work together to apply theoretical and technical knowledge to practical problems that exist within the “campus-sphere”. With the co-operation of the University’s administration, such measures could be implemented, and stand as a positive example for the local community, other educational institutions and the nation as a whole. Under the WATGREEN initiative, we, the Waterloo Food Group, a set of student consultants, have established as our goal, the creation of a more environmentally and economically sustainable food system on campus. The following report is both a preliminary evaluation of the feasibility of introducing locally-grown organic food products on to the University campus, and a report on the strategies employed to ensure that the present organic food program remains a permanent fixture of the Food Services operation… For full text, please e-mail