Green alternatives: floors, walls, ceilings

TitleGreen alternatives: floors, walls, ceilings
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
Authorsvan de Merwe, S., K. Wasiluk, and S. can de Merwe
KeywordsES2 building, green materials, LEED

With the Department of Architecture vacating Environmental Studies 2 (ES-2), there is now available space for the Department of Environment and Resource Studies (ERS). The ERS program has the opportunity to move in and remodel part of the second floor (and possibly the third floor) into their new green home. Based on the preliminary sketches, the plan is to erect some new offices, seminar/meeting rooms, a lecture room and renovate some of the existing spaces. We believe that the renovation presents ERS with the opportunity to use green, rather than conventional, building materials. Our goal is to find the “greenest” materials currently available in the marketplace. Our criteria for “greenest” included the following considerations: human health and ecological impacts, installation, maintenance, and repair, flexibility for future renovations, cost effectiveness, and availability. We also intend to use the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines in evaluating our proposed material selections. It is also our intention to provide budgeting information and delivery/manufacturing timeframes for our recommended selections… For full text, please e-mail