Green Building guidelines

TitleGreen Building guidelines
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsAskew, R., E. Groulx, N. Chen, and L. Cimarrusti
KeywordsGreen Building Guidelines, sustainable buildings, University of Waterloo

The “Green Building Guidelines” was developed to establish guidelines for the construction and operation of new buildings on UW’s campus. The goal was to develop a policy that would enhance UW’s commitment to environmental practices on campus with respect to erecting new facilities… The green building policy guidelines, will be a tool for use to ensure that more environmentally sustainable buildings can be developed. The creation of such a policy enables us to be a leader in the community for acknowledging environmental responsibility. As such, it is hoped that our project may be used as an example in other educational institutions and their buildings be equally or even more environmentally friendly. We recommend that environmental awareness with regards to buildings be encouraged. Also, courses involving green building guidelines could be created, and increased student involvement and input would be beneficial in this quest for a greener building. Lastly, the adoption of the green building guidelines could propel UW to higher levels of consciousness and innovate environmental design. With this, UW would not only be known for its academia, but also, for our initiative in commitment to our natural environment… For full text, please e-mail