Green education

TitleGreen education
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsLofquist, S., and N. Moxham
Keywordsstudent engagement

A fundamental change in the way we look at the world and our way of life as it reflects our beliefs is necessary for the transformation to a sustainable society. In this way, the university can play an enormous role by acting as a change agent in society. It can provide the forum for a critical examination of the global crisis and offer an environmentally sensible and responsible lifestyle which is the key to a healthy planet. In realizing the university’s role in global problem solving, it is important to look at the purpose a university education fulfills within our society. Does the university offer curriculum that merely perpetrates anti-environmental values present in our society? The education system should teach students to be critical of society and the government. It should develop within students a sense of responsibility for all life on this planet. A holistic approach to education emphasizes the interrelatedness of all disciplines and teaches the student that all life in connected. This would develop the sense of responsibility and respect for the natural world that is necessary if we are to sustain the biosphere… For full text, please e-mail