Green materials

TitleGreen materials
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsKhan, R., A. Nicholson, and A. Sidhu
KeywordsEnvironmental Studies Two building, ES2 building, green materials

Our group focused on the materials used in the interior of the Environmental Studies Two (ES2) building. We recognized the need for the interior of the building to be environmentally healthy and sound. As important as it is for the building to include low energy and water reduction fixtures, it’s equally important to have eco-friendly décor and furniture. Furniture, flooring and décor are the aspects of the building that our group examined and evaluated. Furniture is one of the major components if a building that users are most exposed to. In lecture halls, offices and common rooms, furniture is used excessively. It’s important for the furniture to be user friendly in terms of comfort and practicality and safe for the environment in terms of the materials it is constructed from and how it will affect the environment when being disposed of… For full text, please e-mail