Greening campus buildings: Guideline document

TitleGreening campus buildings: Guideline document
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsDubanow, T., T. Haghighi, S. Nauffta, S. Rupert, T. Van Ooteghem, and J. Wittig
Keywordsenergy, renewable energy

Buildings on the campus of the University of Waterloo should incorporate environmentally sound technologies and practices. As a result of the Watgreen undertaking, the Committee for Green Campus Buildings (CGCB) was formed. Their goal is to have green buildings on campus. The main objective for obtaining this goal is to recommend building guidelines for the University. This report examines the problems with interior design (flooring and paint), lighting (natural and artificial), and water (water-saving fixtures) on campus and the specific measures Plant Operations have taken to address these concerns. Specific issues in interior design, lighting and water were examined so that the need for building guidelines could be addresses. The research findings reveal that a variety of flooring materials, paints, lighting and water-saving fixtures are available. This variety allows flexibility in choosing environmentally sound alternatives… For full text, please e-mail