Greening graphic services

TitleGreening graphic services
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsSteffler, J. R.
Keywordswaste audit, waste management, Waste Management Program, WMP

This report outlines the development of a Waste Management Program (WMP) for the University of Waterloo’s Graphic Services Department. The rationales behind this program’s development included helping the University comply with government regulations, reducing departmental expenditures and serving as an advertising vehicle. This report begins by presenting background information necessary for conducting this project and detailing the waste management procedures used. It then discusses a pre-Audit Assessment of the Graphic Services Department, with an emphasis on selected sites. An analysis of a Primary Audit conducted at the selected sites and suggested methods of dealing with the waste management concerns, follows. The effectiveness of these methods is then discussed. It was concluded that although Graphic Services has been actively involved with waste management initiatives in the past, its present waste management system needs improvement. The department can become a campus leader in waste management, by implementing specific waste management initiatives. These initiatives were highly effective in test sites… For full text, please e-mail