How green is green?

TitleHow green is green?
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1991
AuthorsLeslie, K. R., and C. H. Pratley

Today there is great interest in preserving our environment. Government, business, and individuals are all interested in reducing consumption. However, no system exists to determine how harmful a given product is to the environment. This workshop proposes a methodology for quantifying the environmental impacts of a particular consumer product. The need for an environmental impact system is discussed. Constraint and criteria for the system are introduced. A general methodology is described which uses one or more of four specific objective functions (model for analysis). The methodology is then used to compare paper and Styrofoam cups. The “greening of the campus” symposium is mentioned, and a number of useful contacts are listed. Some areas for future study are suggested. Finally, it is concluded that the development of this kind of methodology is extremely difficult and requires complex analyses to be performed. The methodology introduced in this report is merely a first step in developing the expertise required to solve environmental problems. It is recommended that this methodology be tested in order to determine its practical value… For full text, please e-mail