Impact assessment: Cycling study (Trails, North)

TitleImpact assessment: Cycling study (Trails, North)
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsEyers, J., R. Anderson, S. Campbell, and J. Bocking
Keywordscycling system, Region of Waterloo, trail system

This study is in part of a larger project examining the cycling system in the Region of Waterloo. The purpose of this initiative is to assess the current conditions of the off-road trail system in the northern end of Waterloo. Furthermore, recommendations have been made following an in-depth assessment of the system. Baseline data was obtained through on-site observations of selected sites located in the trails. This enabled us to gain insight into the current conditions of the trails. In addition, multiple surveys were conducted in an effort to gain an understanding of the community’s concerns. Following the data collection, the results were analyzed, focusing on frequency, type of use, key concerns and recommendations. Significant findings and research were compiled to create recommendations to be submitted to the Region of Waterloo. These recommendations incorporate the key actor’s views on such issues as safety, ease/access, impacts on the natural environment and funding. It is the hope of this project, that these recommendations will be implemented for the good of the cycling community… For full text, please e-mail