Implementation study: Greening the University of Waterloo undergraduate calendar

TitleImplementation study: Greening the University of Waterloo undergraduate calendar
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1990
AuthorsMaclean, K., B. Imre, and G. Thomas

The group undertook the study of greening the University of Waterloo undergraduate calendars in the 1990 fall term. A problem of excessive waste and resource use was perceived in the existing calendar producing system and the alteration of the calendar’s medium was recognized as the study area. Thus, alternative information mediums were evaluated on the basis of their effectiveness in environmental, social and economic categories. A hybrid of three alternatives was selected as the solution. These included a computerized calendar system, a calendar copy on disk and an environmentally friendly calendar. This study focuses on the implementation of this hybrid alternative. Implementation is examined at three, interrelated levels: the political, the social and the technological. Also, potential concerns or “surprises” associated with the hybrid’s implementation are foreseen. Limiting factors inhibiting the implementation of the hybrids are also discussed. The promotional aspect of implementing a computerized calendar is also touched on. Finally, the direction in which the study of the undergraduate calendar’s alternative medium should proceed is outlined, as well as the factors that are currently delaying this process... For full text, please email