Implementing an Environmental Management Plan at the UW

TitleImplementing an Environmental Management Plan at the UW
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1997
AuthorsAllin, K., and P. Tokarski
KeywordsEMP, EMS, environmental management plan, environmental management system, life-cycle assessment

The process of addressing environmental issues has evolved from a reactive to a proactive approach. One way for an organization to integrate environmental concerns into their operations is through Environmental Management systems (EMS). The University of Waterloo has approached environmental issues proactively in the past, albeit on a case-by-case basis. Implementing an Environmental Management Plan (EMP), is the first step in implementing an EMS. An EMP at the University of Waterloo will help the University formulate effective environmental policies, to commit to continuous improvement, and to realize potential cost savings through reduced energy and matter use. This paper addressed three main questions. What qualities should an organization’s structure have in order for an effective EMP to be implemented? How would environmental management tools like Life-Cycle Assessment be administered within an EMP? What are the main steps in implementing an EMP...? For full text, please e-mail