The Imprint: An assessment of sustainability

TitleThe Imprint: An assessment of sustainability
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1998
AuthorsAgnolin, J., E. Forster, R. Fu, E. Groulx, J. Johnson, K. Kumpf, L. Lienhart, and T. Sutton
Keywordssustainable, The Imprint, University of Waterloo campus

The goal of this project was to establish whether or not the Imprint was running in a sustainable manner. This project was believed to be of great importance because the sustainability of the Imprint reflects the sustainability of the campus and the students. Assessing the sustainability of the Imprint centered about three main areas… From general observations made by group members, it was hypothesized that the majority of these components were not being satisfied resulting in the unsustainable operation of the Imprint. To validate this hypothesis, the following approach was taken. First the system and its boundaries were defined. Next researcher was conducted by way of a survey, an interview, a field study and comparisons to previous projects. Conclusions and recommendations were then formed based on the results of the research… For full text, please e-mail