An improved recycling system for Residence

TitleAn improved recycling system for Residence
Publication TypeMiscellaneous
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsPletsch, M.
Keywordsrecycling, student engagement, Village Residences, waste

The purpose of this project was to test an alternative recycling system in the Village residences at the University of Waterloo, and to determine the success of the new system. The Village currently has large recycling bins in central locations on each floor, and students are required to transport their recyclables to these central locations. One of the main disadvantages of this system is that each individual recyclable object requires a separate trip to the central recycling location. This is inconvenient, and many students end up putting recyclables in the garbage bin in their room in order to avoid countless trips down the hallway. Three different arrangements of recycling bins were put into student’s rooms on three floors in Village II. The experiment was to determine first of all whether having recycling bins in every room increases the diversion rate of recyclables, and secondly to determine which of the three arrangements of recycling bins works best. Based on a waste audit and a survey of the affected residents, recycling recommendations for the entire Village were developed and are included in this report… For full text, please e-mail